I believe music
belongs in schools

I want to put music in the hands of every child regardless of their financial circumstances
Why the ukulele? Because it’s musical, versatile, affordable, portable and fun

Joy to the World
Featuring The Barenaked Ladies

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Warren Buffet plays it.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays it

Obama and P!nk have strummed a few chords

George Harrison, Sarah McLachlan and Eddy Vedder did too


We all believe in the
magic of the ukulele

Music builds brain power,
academic success
& creativity
Studies consistently show that music training strengthens children’s brains, decision-making and creativity
Learning music is different than any other activity of study including sports. The mental benefits of music are extensive
Playing music is the equivalent of a full body workout for the brain
Neuroscientists have found that music engages motor, visual and auditory functions
At Uschool we are striving to nurture the power of young minds by delivering high quality music education through the most magical, accessible, musical and powerful instrument-the ukulele

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music education brings music to life